2011 – How will we make sure that products are made to last?

There are so many lies no one wants you to know and here is another one – “Planned Obsolescence” or “Built-in Obsolescence”.


Planned obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of Deliberately planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become nonfunctional after a certain period of time (1).

According to Investopedia on Sep 21th 2009 the definition of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ IS:

“A manufacturing decision by a company to make consumer products in such a way that they become out-of-date or useless within a known time period. The main goal of this type of production is to ensure that consumers will have to buy the product multiple times, rather than only once. This naturally stimulates demand for an industry’s products because consumers have to keep coming back again and again. Products ranging from inexpensive light bulbs to high-priced goods such as cars and buildings are subject to planned obsolescence by manufacturers and producers. Also known as “built-in obsolescence”.

In today’s Economic system, the starting point of every business is to generate profit for the owners and shareholders. Products that are made to last are simply not profitable.

Planned obsolescence is a method that is running around for more than 60 years for one reason – to manipulate the consumer to buy more products without knowing what lies behind ones line of decision making. And so, slowly but surely we have become

There is only one winner in this game and those are the owners and the shareholders of the companies that produce the products while the biggest loser is Earth that is being destroyed by our tendency to buy new products and toss the old products without any consideration of the consequences our disposals has on earth.

For example, In 2003, over 63 million working PCs were trashed, In 2004, that number jumped to 315 million so imagine how much PCs are now being trashed, in 2011.

Nowadays, there is specific engineering science to design the products to have short shelf life span wherein the moment the warranty expires, the products become nonfunctional. How many of us experience that phenomenon? Isn’t it a form of criminal act? Criminal abuse?

So how are we going to make sure that products will be made to last in an Equal Money System?

Common sensically speaking – When you take out the starting point of making profit than the incentive of planned obsolescence diminished.

In an Equal Money System, the incentive would only be LIFE as what support all Life for the best that life can bring about and thus, what drives people is the realization of what’s best for all as a value that sustain Life and as such, products will be made in consideration of all and everything, which from that equation – the products will be made to last.

In other words, we will make sure that products will be made to last simply by removing the profit making incentive wherein, greed will not be the influence key of making a products but rather we will be able to ‘feel’ that the products will be made out of love as the consideration of Life that are best for all. Products will be only be produced by those who LOVE what they are doing and thus, are doing it for the sake of all and not for the same of money making.

The products will be produced by the very best raw materials, in the best possible quality one can get and through the least damage that can be made onto earth.

So – to stop the abuse, to stop the consumerism manner that destroys this earth, to stop the lies no one ever wanted you to know so that one can profit out of your blindness – Join us and be a part of the change.

To Read more about the Future of Money – read our monthly FAQ blog books.

In Hebrewhttp://eqafe.com/i/mharel-desteni-israel-faq-equal-money-system-volume-1



(1) Computer Electronics : Blu-Ray”. ComputerInfoWeb.com. 2008. Retrieved 2008-09-20.


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Desteni is a Group of beings that do not accept the current state of humanity as limited, fearful, greedy, ego-driven beings that only consider their own survival - while forgetting that the majority of this world are living like slaves on even less than 2 dollars a day. Those participating with Desteni over the years have already proven that the individual can actually break free from this 'human nature' and become a self-responsible being that actually cares about life. Our principle is Equality and this principle is Absolute. However we don't see any global change possible within the bounds of the current economic system. Thus we are pushing to bring about a new Equal Money System based on Real Human Rights. This will be done through direct participation in the establishments of this world and through an income plan in the public arena. The income plan will allow for those who are willing to become active participants in the bringing about of this solution, while acquiring a stable income to have the freedom and the financial power to act the equal money system into existence. The Equal Money system is a completely new money system, where all are allotted and equal share of money with which they can support themselves in their basic needs from birth to Death, and will allow All to live a Dignified Life. For info on the Equal Money System: http://www.equalmoney.org For info on the Desteni Income plan: http://bernardpoolman.org/I... For information about Desteni: http://www.desteni.co.za
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