2011 – Love Life and Life will love you Back

Such an ignorant statement. I mean, Really?  Life will Love you Back? How so? Is the current Life Love back 3 Billion people in this world? Is the current Life of 3 billion people in this world, that doesn’t have a proper bed, food, health care, education is the manifestation of LOVE?

Would you say they deserve to live such a life because they do not love Life and thus, Life doesn’t love them back?

Saying such a statement can only be made by those who have money and are deliberately ignoring what is here, as the current Life, of abuse and suffer for more than half of the people in this world.

I would say that a real manifestation of Love as Life would be when an Equal money System will be in place, where all have a dignified life, when all have food, house, health care, electricity, clothes and so on. True and Real Love for Life indicate that we all understand the responsibility we are all caring towards Life as who we are, as equals to all that is here.

Real Love, Real Life – Equal Money System.

For more information about the future of money and how to practically change this world read

Equal Money – Future of Money – Volume 1.

For more perspective with regards the statement – Love Life and Life will Love you Back watch – Love LIFE!!!


About Blogging For Life

Desteni is a Group of beings that do not accept the current state of humanity as limited, fearful, greedy, ego-driven beings that only consider their own survival - while forgetting that the majority of this world are living like slaves on even less than 2 dollars a day. Those participating with Desteni over the years have already proven that the individual can actually break free from this 'human nature' and become a self-responsible being that actually cares about life. Our principle is Equality and this principle is Absolute. However we don't see any global change possible within the bounds of the current economic system. Thus we are pushing to bring about a new Equal Money System based on Real Human Rights. This will be done through direct participation in the establishments of this world and through an income plan in the public arena. The income plan will allow for those who are willing to become active participants in the bringing about of this solution, while acquiring a stable income to have the freedom and the financial power to act the equal money system into existence. The Equal Money system is a completely new money system, where all are allotted and equal share of money with which they can support themselves in their basic needs from birth to Death, and will allow All to live a Dignified Life. For info on the Equal Money System: http://www.equalmoney.org For info on the Desteni Income plan: http://bernardpoolman.org/I... For information about Desteni: http://www.desteni.co.za
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