2011 – Equal Money System – What is the ‘Life Labor System’.

As the Equal Money System evolves into a practical solution that can be implemented globally, we keep on perfecting our initial proposal of an Equal Money System. As we move, the group is busy educating itself, learning, sharing and discussing the various current systems and how they function today, to be able to see the greater picture and come up with solutions that support the principle of ‘What is Best for All’.

Within this Blog, I will briefly discuss the Labor System, the conscription system, the Life Labor System and the Credit system – those points have been discussed extensively during the last few years but recently, we have realized that there is a better solution that stands within and as the principle that is best for all, which is the Life Labor System. In the next blogs to come, I will expand on each point to give a greater perspective on that which eventually, will turn our lives into LIFE in fact.

A note before I’ll start discussing the point of the Life Labor System – As we continue walking and working towards a Life that is best for all, many points are being altered during the journey. It does not make the previous points invalid; it means that there is a better solution that we are able to establish. As the group expands and more participants stand up with various solutions for the world’s problems, I have no doubt that as humanity, we can and will change this world to a world that is best for all. It takes time, self-will and patience however, slowly but surely, we will make it.

We have all attached and associated money with labor/work and we’ve attached and associated money with Survival. In simplicity, we have attached/defined/associated Money as Labor/Work with Survival. However, is that Life? Is that how we would like Life to be? Are we able to let go of that definitions/associations/attachments?

we took it for granted that we require to work for most of our life, if not all of our life for the right to survive, to exist, and we never even stopped for a moment to see that in essence, that doesn’t make sense and it is not LIFE in fact.

The ‘why’ and ‘How’ we came to this current system is for another blog, and if you are still curious, I suggest to visit www.EQAFE.com and check out ‘Atlantis – the beginning’.

The question is What is able to be done to change this current world manifestation and How.
The Equal Money System we present is a simplistic common sense system, that considers the true essence of what LIFE is and within that, we present the Life Labor System.

No, we do not require/need working all of our life to survive. We get to Live because we are ‘Here’, and we have the ‘right’ to exists because we are ‘Here’ and not because we have or don’t have Money.

Through utilizing what is already here as the resources and technology, we are able to sustain Life for All, Equally.

According to the amount of people in the world and according to all that is required to sustain Life that is best for all, it will most likely be enough for each one of us to work for 4-6 years ONLY in our life – the Conscription System.

Those would be the children that have just finished their practical education system and they will be placed all around the world. And no, it won’t be military style or anything similar to that, it will be effectively established, to assist and support those children with Life skills, with relationship skills during which, we will make sure to support them with the sufficient entertainment so that in essence, they will enjoy themselves, educate themselves and possibly meet their life partner while doing the work/labor that is required to sustain the world in the best way possible.

I will expand on the Conscription System in the next blog. Here, I’m placing the basic structure for a greater understanding of what is the Life Labor System.

Once they are done with their responsibilities of working and doing what is necessary to be done to sustain a life that is best for all, they won’t have ‘work’ any longer for the rest of their life. BUT – I’m sure that many would like to keep themselves busy, expand themselves as human beings and empower themselves with various things they are able to do and thus, many people would like to work from the starting point of Self Expression, Self Enjoyment, Self satisfaction and the realization that in order to sustain our lives as a group of Humanity, there are things that each can contribute that would really make a difference.

Nowadays, none of those things actually exists because our starting point, as mentioned above is to survive. Thus, those who work after finishing their Conscription Period, will not do it for extra Money/Credit, but they will do it because they will see/realize that Life is Here, Life is worth giving to because when one is giving, one receive.

We will each, have FREE access to everything that is available on earth, thanks to the ‘Distribution System’ – whether it is the very best I-phone, the very best Health-Care, the very Best Internet connection and etc, everyone will have the same access). We won’t have to do extra work to get such things – it will be equally available for all.

Each one of us will have a card that will be connected to the ‘Distribution System’. In simplicity, the Distribution system will be part of the Conscription System responsibilities in terms of distributing the goods according to the information that is put-in the Distribution system via our Cards. In the next blog to come, I will expand on the point.

To sum-up – Life Labor System is the living expression of the statement – Give what you would like to Receive. It is about LIFE, not about survival. It is about Life, not about Greed/Profit. It contains several systems (conscription, Distribution and etc.) that will make our lives worth living for the very first time in the History of Mankind.

In the blogs to come, I will expand on the points of:

–          The Conscription System and Extra ‘Volunteering’.

–          The Distribution System

–          Free access to Everything that is Available on earth

For Frequently asked questions about the Equal Money System – read What the FAQ is Equal Money System – Volume 1


About Blogging For Life

Desteni is a Group of beings that do not accept the current state of humanity as limited, fearful, greedy, ego-driven beings that only consider their own survival - while forgetting that the majority of this world are living like slaves on even less than 2 dollars a day. Those participating with Desteni over the years have already proven that the individual can actually break free from this 'human nature' and become a self-responsible being that actually cares about life. Our principle is Equality and this principle is Absolute. However we don't see any global change possible within the bounds of the current economic system. Thus we are pushing to bring about a new Equal Money System based on Real Human Rights. This will be done through direct participation in the establishments of this world and through an income plan in the public arena. The income plan will allow for those who are willing to become active participants in the bringing about of this solution, while acquiring a stable income to have the freedom and the financial power to act the equal money system into existence. The Equal Money system is a completely new money system, where all are allotted and equal share of money with which they can support themselves in their basic needs from birth to Death, and will allow All to live a Dignified Life. For info on the Equal Money System: http://www.equalmoney.org For info on the Desteni Income plan: http://bernardpoolman.org/I... For information about Desteni: http://www.desteni.co.za
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