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Desteni is a Group of beings that do not accept the current state of humanity as limited, fearful, greedy, ego-driven beings that only consider their own survival - while forgetting that the majority of this world are living like slaves on even less than 2 dollars a day. Those participating with Desteni over the years have already proven that the individual can actually break free from this 'human nature' and become a self-responsible being that actually cares about life. Our principle is Equality and this principle is Absolute. However we don't see any global change possible within the bounds of the current economic system. Thus we are pushing to bring about a new Equal Money System based on Real Human Rights. This will be done through direct participation in the establishments of this world and through an income plan in the public arena. The income plan will allow for those who are willing to become active participants in the bringing about of this solution, while acquiring a stable income to have the freedom and the financial power to act the equal money system into existence. The Equal Money system is a completely new money system, where all are allotted and equal share of money with which they can support themselves in their basic needs from birth to Death, and will allow All to live a Dignified Life. For info on the Equal Money System: For info on the Desteni Income plan: For information about Desteni:

2012 – Burzynski – Cancer Is Serious Business

  Cancer indeed is a serious problem worldwide and it seems that instead of being eradicate, the disease is only increasing. One should start asking questions like: How is it that we haven’t found a cure for cancer yet? How … Continue reading

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2011 – Equal Money System – What is the ‘Life Labor System’.

As the Equal Money System evolves into a practical solution that can be implemented globally, we keep on perfecting our initial proposal of an Equal Money System. As we move, the group is busy educating itself, learning, sharing and discussing … Continue reading

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2011 – Love Life and Life will love you Back

Such an ignorant statement. I mean, Really?  Life will Love you Back? How so? Is the current Life Love back 3 Billion people in this world? Is the current Life of 3 billion people in this world, that doesn’t have … Continue reading

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2011 – How will we make sure that products are made to last?

There are so many lies no one wants you to know and here is another one – “Planned Obsolescence” or “Built-in Obsolescence”.   Planned obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of Deliberately planning or designing a product with a … Continue reading

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2011 – FAQ – Equal Money System- Who will stop me from just living like a bum and just travel around the world? Who says that many others will not have the same idea as me?

The real issue that required being address here isn’t whether or not one will become lazy/a bum and travel around the world, but the extent of self-interest programming within us that we cannot even grasp the principle of walking/doing that … Continue reading

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2011 – Equity is God as Money is God.

Equity is God as Money is God. In this world – Children have to work from the moment they are able to. Children are brought up to this world from the starting point of being a labor force for the … Continue reading

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2011 – Social Justice Protest in Israel : 1+1=2

Social Justice Protest in Israel : 1+1=2 In the last 3 weeks, slowly but surely the Israeli crowds went out to the streets, camped out and are standing up for social Justice. It started with people opposing for the high … Continue reading

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