2011 – Changing our experience within an Equal Money System

Many people say that within an Equal Money System, many people will turn out to be lazy and the system won’t function. Or that they do not want an Equal Money System because they do not want to support those who are lazy.

A point that I’ve seen within my own process –

I’m participating with Desteni for 2.5 years now. As I’m walking, I accumulate points of self responsibility as projects we do as a group and obviously, those projects takes a lot of time. As I go, I spend more and more time on Desteni related things. To support myself financially, I work in a full time job and yet, my participation in Desteni is only increasing as I’ve realized that doing all those Desteni related projects are applying what is best for all.

So basically my week looks like – from Sunday till Thursday I work in the office during the day and doing Desteni’s things during the night. On Friday and Saturday, I only focus on Desteni’s projects.

What I’ve realized is that – on Fridays and Saturdays, I can spend hours in front of the computer without even taking any break. While when I’m at work, the experience is that, I must take a break from time to time. Within that, what I’ve seen is that, when I’m doing what is that I define as doing what is best for all, I do not require a break, I can go on and on for years without experiencing exhaustion while when I’m doing things that only support my survival, I require a break, time off.

When I’m working on Desteni’s related thing, I enjoy myself, I do not experience myself as exhausted.

Thus, what I learn from this is that within an Equal Money System, people would not necessary become lazy as everyone will do what it best for all, not from the starting point of survival. We will all work less hours to support ourselves and each other and the experience of ourselves won’t be of exhaustion.

It’s like, when I’m working in the system, I require a break and when I’m working on the Desteni’s projects it is as I’m already living in an Equal money system and can go on and on without a break. If that makes sense.

What I’m trying to say here – the system as we know today, the system of survival makes people want to become lazy because the system in itself is exhausting as people are only doing what is necessary to be done for their survival. Not really enjoying what they do.  Within that, many give up on themselves and on life which then, we defined them as lazy without actually seeing the problem and directing it through and as principles of what is best for all.

I suggest we will all stand up and work on the implementation of an Equal Money System. Stop existing as only doing what is necessary for our survival and start living as principles of what is best for all. As this experience changed within myself from being exhausted from the system to enjoy myself within working through and as things that support all as what is best for all, this experience will change within everyone and we can all start enjoying ourselves and this world.

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2011 – license to kill

17.5 years old girl got a license to kill, a license to drive a car. 2 weeks after, she drove the car under the influence of alcohol she killed 3 people in a car accident.

Not only her life ended inside her for being responsible for killing 3 of her best friend, she also been sentence to 4 years in jail as a punishment. Lots of people are going to be angry at me for thinking she do not require being in jail by justifying their anger with the idea that “this is the punishment for killing people”. But seriously, is it going to solve the problem? Why not come up with a solution that is best for all? Again, the Equal money system a long with the Desteni I Process is THE solution. It is THE solution that is based on principles that are best for all.

Within the Equal Money System, the alcohol consumerism will change – soon, a book is going to be written by Adele Tosh to explain how the Alcohol industry will change with an Equal Money System.
Within the Desteni I process, one will have the possibility to Re-educate oneself to stand as principle of what’s best for all so that one could direct oneself to do only that which support all life. Alcohol consumerism is definitely not something that supports All but only those who makes money out of it, out of you.

The current system works as follow – there’s a problem and the problem is given local remedy that can only sustain for so long. Instead of investigate how to END all form of possibilities of abuse, within the understanding of how we have created the problem, how we are responsible for the problem and how we can change the point so that the problem will no longer exists.

Instead of living in a system of acts and punishments we can establish a system of support, a system that is based on principles of what’s best for all. A system that will stand for eternity and does not tolerate any form of abuse ever again.



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2011 – Stephen Hawking: ‘There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’

Stephen Hawking: ‘There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’

Does heaven exists? what’s going on after we die? Is there life after death? So many questions without trust worthy answers. You would imagine that questions like those will be answered when there are so many people that direct themselves according to all sorts of assumptions about heaven but in essence – no one really knows. Isn’t that crazy? That no one knows and yet, billions of people build an entire world upon their assumptions as hopes and beliefs.

Let’s ask ourselves criticism questions – What is Heaven or how we’ve created heaven through our imaginary minds?

What is the picture you hold on to when you hear the word ‘Heaven’?

When I ‘think’/hear the word “Heaven”, I see a white place that when you continue walking through the white passage, you enter a place which is ‘Nature’ like place where there are green mountains, water falls, birds singing, pink flowers. The experience is that there are no worries, relaxation, and amazement so to speak. It is the opposite from my experience here on earth.

Interesting enough, there are no people other than me, at least not in the initiate picture of me standing, looking at the marvelous nature in front of me.

When looking deeper at how and why I’ve created this picture, I’ve realized that in Hebrew we don’t use the word ‘heaven’ but we say ‘the Garden of Eden’ which than the word ‘garden’ manifested as the nature landscape I hold asa picture. Theexperience of being alone is due to when I first heard about the Garden of Eden in school. Eve and Adam were alone, just the 2 of them, experiencing themselves, enjoying themselves. Trough this, I’ve created the picture in my mind that automatically show itself every time I hear/think the word ‘Heaven’.

How would I see myself in Heaven? Who am I within it?

I feel calm, joy, I am the expression of a child – running without any direction, investigating all that is there, touching everything, smelling the flowers, I’m running and spinning around – I’m the expression of freedom.

But really, what does it tells me? What is that projection implies? That I’m lacking, that I’m not yet equal and one with the expression of calmness, that I’m not yet equal and one with the expression of a child nor the expression of freedom and thus, I desire having those ‘abilities’ which are limited within the belief that it can only exists in heaven.

Why are we all craving for the existence of Heaven?

If we really believed that heaven is so perfect, we would commit suicides long time ago. But the fact we don’t shows that we don’t trust our mind as the picture projections we’ve created in our minds.

For heaven to exists, Hell must exist. My perspective is that the only reason we created Heaven is because our current experience of ourselves in this world as Hell.

We so desperately desire to stop our self agony, to stop the abuse, to stop the survival that we experience now, to stop the living experience of hell wherein half of this world is literally, physically, in hell – die in starvation and abuse.

But instead of standing up and physically do something about it, we prefer to escape the truth of ourselves through suppression by creating another reality within and as our mind as projected picture of heaven within and as the hope system.

Heaven is such a strong attraction for people because they basically gave up Life, here. They desire changing their experience of themselves but at the same time, don’t want to be the directive principles of their life nor to take self responsibility.

They wish for a powerful force that will change what they have already created without understanding that within each breath exists the possibility to stand up and change this world to a world that is worth living, to establish heaven on earth.

But no, people don’t want to do it because that would mean they will have to give up their beliefs, ideas, opinions, perceptions and etc and thus, they prefer to continue living in their own bubble of and as the mind and create moments of joy by projecting imaginary pictures of and as heaven.

Lol, I must agree with Stephen Hawkins on this one. Heaven is a fairy tale story that we’ve created to suppress ourselves, to not face ourselves. but within ourselves – we know the truth, we know heaven do not exists because if we trust our assumption – we would prefer to die.

We fear death. Why?

We fear death because we don’t have a clue of what comes next and yet, we strongly believe in heaven. A paradox isn’t it?

Stephen Hawking said: There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

Self know what happened when self dies – Self Face Self. and that is what we’re desperately tries to avoid – to not see ourselves, to not take responsibility for what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

Is Heaven on Earth Possible?

YES – if we look at our definitions of heaven, we would see that we want to experience ourselves without fears, without worries, without pressure. We want to enjoy ourselves and have fun – all of which are possible within Equal Money System.

Equal Money system along with the Desteni I Process – is the answer for all our questions.

Investigate the Equal Money System, lets take responsibility and change this world to a place that we all want to live free – lets create HEAVEN ON EARTH.


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2011 – Altruism will be NO MORE in an Equal Money System

Altruism is example of how the law of balance manifested wherein, if one desire being an altruist, another must suffer for the savior to rescue. The desire to be altruist is part of the deception of the law of attraction. you desire being the savior and thus, you must create those who suffer for you to rescue them. What would happen if ALL will be equally cared and supported? TheEqual money system is the unconditional act of altruism that is based on principles of what’s best for all.

The Altruist person is Ego personality person wherein one is always looking for how to get himself feel better/good about himself without looking at the big picture, without considering what one is really creating through the desire of being altruist.

Let take a doctor as an example:

A doctor wants to be the best doctor that cure people from near death experience. To become one, the doctor requires patients, and lots of them. Thus, how to law of balance works here? Thedoctor wants to be altruist, want to save people and become rich and famous. How the universe balances this compounded energy? Through supplying the doctor’s requirement – having lots of patients that are nearly dying. Isn’t it wonderful?

What will the Doctor gain other than money and recognition? Yes, Ego boosts.
What is money? Or lots of money? Yes, it is for your Ego.
Why did the doctor wanted to be famous? Yes, money and Ego.

Can you see the irony?

Within Equal Money – those who really care will practice medicine, not because they get money out of it but because they really care. Within Equal Money System, no one will gain ego boost by believing one is altruist while others suffer for it.

ALL will be taken care of within Equal Money System.

Soon, Equal Money System will be published and William cuff will be the convener of this episode – ” Altruism will be NO MORE in an Equal Money System”

If you want to assit William- visit the Equal money forum – www.EqualMoney.org/forum.

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2011 – Greece’s Bailout – What is the Real Solution?


There are so many interests playing out withinGreece’s bailout. German wants to save the Euro currency, the US wants to save the Dollar currency, the Greece citizen do not want to stand up and change –  NONE are paying attention to what is really here. All are focusing to increase the separation instead of finding a solution that is best for all- a solution that will stand the test of time because obviously, the bailout already fall the test of time.

You can not bailout as a solution – you must find the source of the problem and sort it out for once and for all. Because none are looking for equality and all are occupying in separation – you do not see the greater picture, you do not see what is here and because of that, you fall.Greeceis just showing us what we’ve accepted and allowed as humanity due to our accepted separation as self interest as our Money as our god/creator.

Greece basically was/is forced to be bailout while all along, we all know that nothing is going to change and Greece won’t be able to pay the debts due to inner forces/programs that are already integrated within the people of Greece.

Greeceis probably going into a bankruptcy, if it is not going to happen now, it will happened in the next few years. Currency rates dictate/influence our lives – the value of money isn’t a value of life, but a value of separation and thus, countries are not able to stand as the currency rate and balance itself accordingly which leads a country to the inevitable end, bankruptcy.

So – the solution is looking at the big picture – looking at the world as One organic unit. Looking for a solution that is Equal to all Life on earth.

The solution is Equal Money System where the value of money will become a value of life. One currency, One world, One humanity that work together.

Investigate www.EqualMoney.org and see what is physically, practically able to be done here on earth.


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