2012 – Burzynski – Cancer Is Serious Business


32520649 jpeg_preview_mediumCancer indeed is a serious problem worldwide and it seems that instead of being eradicate, the disease is only increasing. One should start asking questions like:

How is it that we haven’t found a cure for cancer yet?

How come, we don’t know what causes cancer?

Why cancer is common in the west and less common in the east of the world?

How much money the drugs companies make from those who are suffering from cancer?

Why the common treatment for children that have cancer is poison (Chemotherapy) and it is still allowed even though it was proven to do much more harm than good?

How come we accept for granted that frying your brain with Chemotherapy is allowed even though it has only a few percentage of success?

The documentary “Burzynski – “cancer is serious business” is a very good example for how ignorant we have become and how we are allowing our lives to be compromise through blindly believe what the media and the drugs companies are telling us.

The documentary clearly shows how money and power direct the world, leaving billion of people unprotected, powerless and endanger.

When a man standing up with a solution that is obviously best for all, he’s being crucified by those who feels threaten; those who would do anything to sustain their annual income; those who are willing to sacrificed everyone who stands in their way of Money. It doesn’t matter to them that Burzynski has found a substantial and effective treatment for cancer, without any side effects, unlike the poison called Chemotherapy that is being pushed and marketed in all means possible.

How many of us heard about Burzynski treatment? How many of us heard about Chemotherapy?

We have become a society with zero critical thinking, which stopped asking question and simply accept this abusive world as it is. We have become useless within our expression where we rather giving up Before even attempting to create a new and improved world that is best for all. Through giving up and not questioning our very own existence, we fall into the hands that manipulate the world to their benefits through utilizing power and money. We give them the power to play with our lives because we haven’t taken the decision to stand up and investigate how the world really works and function, we have abdicated self responsibility and gave our power away to the system that runs our lives. We have given away our power to make a change and those who do dare to stand up are being captured, locked down, murdered or labelled as crazy through massive propaganda.

For a long time now, I’m seeing that there is something wrong in this world, I see that we are living in a world where abuse is allowed, I see that there is a serious problems which are not being directed or taken care of but what I didn’t see till recently was the extensive of the corruption that is being accepted in this world through giving power to those who run the world by utilizing money and its power. I didn’t see how the world is a playground for those who has money and the little man is simply their puppets in their game. I didn’t see or even wanted to see how things really work behind the scenes. I’ve realized that it is my responsibility to educate myself and investigate how the world systems really work, it is my responsibility to face the world system and from there stand up, assist and support others in their education because in essence 1+1=2. We’ve got to educate ourselves to be able to stand together as a group of humanity, take back our power and direct ourselves towards a world that is best for all.

So Educate yourself, Join us at discussion on the Equal Money Forum, Join us at the Desteni Forum and read all about the Equal Money System – The future of Money. I’m sure you have lots of questions. Many answers to the most frequent questions can be found in the book: What the FAQ is Equal Money System. To find out more about the Health system in an Equal Money System check out Equal life Health Care System

Get Informed! Get Involved!

Thank you.

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2011 – Equal Money System – What is the ‘Life Labor System’.

As the Equal Money System evolves into a practical solution that can be implemented globally, we keep on perfecting our initial proposal of an Equal Money System. As we move, the group is busy educating itself, learning, sharing and discussing the various current systems and how they function today, to be able to see the greater picture and come up with solutions that support the principle of ‘What is Best for All’.

Within this Blog, I will briefly discuss the Labor System, the conscription system, the Life Labor System and the Credit system – those points have been discussed extensively during the last few years but recently, we have realized that there is a better solution that stands within and as the principle that is best for all, which is the Life Labor System. In the next blogs to come, I will expand on each point to give a greater perspective on that which eventually, will turn our lives into LIFE in fact.

A note before I’ll start discussing the point of the Life Labor System – As we continue walking and working towards a Life that is best for all, many points are being altered during the journey. It does not make the previous points invalid; it means that there is a better solution that we are able to establish. As the group expands and more participants stand up with various solutions for the world’s problems, I have no doubt that as humanity, we can and will change this world to a world that is best for all. It takes time, self-will and patience however, slowly but surely, we will make it.

We have all attached and associated money with labor/work and we’ve attached and associated money with Survival. In simplicity, we have attached/defined/associated Money as Labor/Work with Survival. However, is that Life? Is that how we would like Life to be? Are we able to let go of that definitions/associations/attachments?

we took it for granted that we require to work for most of our life, if not all of our life for the right to survive, to exist, and we never even stopped for a moment to see that in essence, that doesn’t make sense and it is not LIFE in fact.

The ‘why’ and ‘How’ we came to this current system is for another blog, and if you are still curious, I suggest to visit www.EQAFE.com and check out ‘Atlantis – the beginning’.

The question is What is able to be done to change this current world manifestation and How.
The Equal Money System we present is a simplistic common sense system, that considers the true essence of what LIFE is and within that, we present the Life Labor System.

No, we do not require/need working all of our life to survive. We get to Live because we are ‘Here’, and we have the ‘right’ to exists because we are ‘Here’ and not because we have or don’t have Money.

Through utilizing what is already here as the resources and technology, we are able to sustain Life for All, Equally.

According to the amount of people in the world and according to all that is required to sustain Life that is best for all, it will most likely be enough for each one of us to work for 4-6 years ONLY in our life – the Conscription System.

Those would be the children that have just finished their practical education system and they will be placed all around the world. And no, it won’t be military style or anything similar to that, it will be effectively established, to assist and support those children with Life skills, with relationship skills during which, we will make sure to support them with the sufficient entertainment so that in essence, they will enjoy themselves, educate themselves and possibly meet their life partner while doing the work/labor that is required to sustain the world in the best way possible.

I will expand on the Conscription System in the next blog. Here, I’m placing the basic structure for a greater understanding of what is the Life Labor System.

Once they are done with their responsibilities of working and doing what is necessary to be done to sustain a life that is best for all, they won’t have ‘work’ any longer for the rest of their life. BUT – I’m sure that many would like to keep themselves busy, expand themselves as human beings and empower themselves with various things they are able to do and thus, many people would like to work from the starting point of Self Expression, Self Enjoyment, Self satisfaction and the realization that in order to sustain our lives as a group of Humanity, there are things that each can contribute that would really make a difference.

Nowadays, none of those things actually exists because our starting point, as mentioned above is to survive. Thus, those who work after finishing their Conscription Period, will not do it for extra Money/Credit, but they will do it because they will see/realize that Life is Here, Life is worth giving to because when one is giving, one receive.

We will each, have FREE access to everything that is available on earth, thanks to the ‘Distribution System’ – whether it is the very best I-phone, the very best Health-Care, the very Best Internet connection and etc, everyone will have the same access). We won’t have to do extra work to get such things – it will be equally available for all.

Each one of us will have a card that will be connected to the ‘Distribution System’. In simplicity, the Distribution system will be part of the Conscription System responsibilities in terms of distributing the goods according to the information that is put-in the Distribution system via our Cards. In the next blog to come, I will expand on the point.

To sum-up – Life Labor System is the living expression of the statement – Give what you would like to Receive. It is about LIFE, not about survival. It is about Life, not about Greed/Profit. It contains several systems (conscription, Distribution and etc.) that will make our lives worth living for the very first time in the History of Mankind.

In the blogs to come, I will expand on the points of:

–          The Conscription System and Extra ‘Volunteering’.

–          The Distribution System

–          Free access to Everything that is Available on earth

For Frequently asked questions about the Equal Money System – read What the FAQ is Equal Money System – Volume 1

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2011 – Love Life and Life will love you Back

Such an ignorant statement. I mean, Really?  Life will Love you Back? How so? Is the current Life Love back 3 Billion people in this world? Is the current Life of 3 billion people in this world, that doesn’t have a proper bed, food, health care, education is the manifestation of LOVE?

Would you say they deserve to live such a life because they do not love Life and thus, Life doesn’t love them back?

Saying such a statement can only be made by those who have money and are deliberately ignoring what is here, as the current Life, of abuse and suffer for more than half of the people in this world.

I would say that a real manifestation of Love as Life would be when an Equal money System will be in place, where all have a dignified life, when all have food, house, health care, electricity, clothes and so on. True and Real Love for Life indicate that we all understand the responsibility we are all caring towards Life as who we are, as equals to all that is here.

Real Love, Real Life – Equal Money System.

For more information about the future of money and how to practically change this world read

Equal Money – Future of Money – Volume 1.

For more perspective with regards the statement – Love Life and Life will Love you Back watch – Love LIFE!!!

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2011 – How will we make sure that products are made to last?

There are so many lies no one wants you to know and here is another one – “Planned Obsolescence” or “Built-in Obsolescence”.


Planned obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of Deliberately planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become nonfunctional after a certain period of time (1).

According to Investopedia on Sep 21th 2009 the definition of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ IS:

“A manufacturing decision by a company to make consumer products in such a way that they become out-of-date or useless within a known time period. The main goal of this type of production is to ensure that consumers will have to buy the product multiple times, rather than only once. This naturally stimulates demand for an industry’s products because consumers have to keep coming back again and again. Products ranging from inexpensive light bulbs to high-priced goods such as cars and buildings are subject to planned obsolescence by manufacturers and producers. Also known as “built-in obsolescence”.

In today’s Economic system, the starting point of every business is to generate profit for the owners and shareholders. Products that are made to last are simply not profitable.

Planned obsolescence is a method that is running around for more than 60 years for one reason – to manipulate the consumer to buy more products without knowing what lies behind ones line of decision making. And so, slowly but surely we have become

There is only one winner in this game and those are the owners and the shareholders of the companies that produce the products while the biggest loser is Earth that is being destroyed by our tendency to buy new products and toss the old products without any consideration of the consequences our disposals has on earth.

For example, In 2003, over 63 million working PCs were trashed, In 2004, that number jumped to 315 million so imagine how much PCs are now being trashed, in 2011.

Nowadays, there is specific engineering science to design the products to have short shelf life span wherein the moment the warranty expires, the products become nonfunctional. How many of us experience that phenomenon? Isn’t it a form of criminal act? Criminal abuse?

So how are we going to make sure that products will be made to last in an Equal Money System?

Common sensically speaking – When you take out the starting point of making profit than the incentive of planned obsolescence diminished.

In an Equal Money System, the incentive would only be LIFE as what support all Life for the best that life can bring about and thus, what drives people is the realization of what’s best for all as a value that sustain Life and as such, products will be made in consideration of all and everything, which from that equation – the products will be made to last.

In other words, we will make sure that products will be made to last simply by removing the profit making incentive wherein, greed will not be the influence key of making a products but rather we will be able to ‘feel’ that the products will be made out of love as the consideration of Life that are best for all. Products will be only be produced by those who LOVE what they are doing and thus, are doing it for the sake of all and not for the same of money making.

The products will be produced by the very best raw materials, in the best possible quality one can get and through the least damage that can be made onto earth.

So – to stop the abuse, to stop the consumerism manner that destroys this earth, to stop the lies no one ever wanted you to know so that one can profit out of your blindness – Join us and be a part of the change.

To Read more about the Future of Money – read our monthly FAQ blog books.

In Hebrewhttp://eqafe.com/i/mharel-desteni-israel-faq-equal-money-system-volume-1



(1) Computer Electronics : Blu-Ray”. ComputerInfoWeb.com. 2008. Retrieved 2008-09-20.

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2011 – FAQ – Equal Money System- Who will stop me from just living like a bum and just travel around the world? Who says that many others will not have the same idea as me?

The real issue that required being address here isn’t whether or not one will become lazy/a bum and travel around the world, but the extent of self-interest programming within us that we cannot even grasp the principle of walking/doing that which is best for all.

Asking a question like that reveal the extent of abusive society that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. It shows that one will not direct oneself to walk as principles that are best for all unless other people do it first. The incentive to share the work that is require to be done is based on the conditional giving through expecting to receive something in return (money/value/validation) and to prevent the feeling of being a sucker because one is working and the rest are not.

We are so brainwashed to the current way of living, where which one is taking care of one’s close environment and totally disregards all other living beings and thus, we are not even capable of hearing the message – IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE IN A WORLD THAT IS BEST FOR ALL IF ONLY WE STAND UP AS A GROUP AND PRACTICALLY APPLY THE PRINCIPLE – GIVE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE.

In an Equal Money System, each being will have to share the labor for 4 years ONLY, unlike the current money system where we are subjugate to work for most of our lives. That is being said, once you’re done with your 4 years contribution for life, you will be able to travel as much as you want, as long as you are not harming anyone else while doing so.

There would be those who decide to never work again after one’s 4 years contribution and travel for the rest of their life, and there would be those who will want to contribute from the starting point of self-enjoyment and/or understanding the principles of give that which you would like to receive simply because there wouldn’t be any money/credit incentive attach to their work.

However, let’s address the question: Who will stop me from just living like a bum and just travel around the world? Who says that many others will not have the same idea as me?

To answer the question one will have to look within self honesty whether or not one is abusing oneself by living as a bum and whether or not one is harming others while being/acting as a bum. if you wish to be a bum after you’ve done your 4 years of contribution – go for it.

however, when one isn’t equally participating in one’s 4 years of contribution for the global community, when one is physically able to – an intervention must be in placed because that is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in a system that is design through principles that are best for all. Thus, in those cases, one will be supported through a process of re-education along with a stream of support from professional psychologist to be able to change oneself to become a being that consider all life equally and as such, will become a trustworthy being in our society.

Oh yeah, many will be possessed by such ideas, in the initial phase of the Equal Money System, and thus behave and act according to principles that are best for oneself within self interests and this is why along with an Equal Money System, a Re-education system is being developed through which everyone will have access to, with ultimate support available from and by professional physiologists.

So, Slowly but surely we’ll have all the support that is required in place, however, 1+1=2
and thus, join us to make the world a better place as soon as possible. Let’s leave behind us a world we would like our children to have – a world that is BEST FOR ALL.




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2011 – Equity is God as Money is God.

Equity is God as Money is God.

In this world – Children have to work from the moment they are able to. Children are brought up to this world from the starting point of being a labor force for the family to survive. Children are becoming slaves from the moment they understand how to obtain money and their cycle of survival continues when they have children of their own.

We accept and allow the world to be as it is today because it is not our children who starve – it’s other people child, it doesn’t concern us. We prefer to keep blinding our eyes to what is really here. Be honest with yourself and see that this is exactly what you are doing.

The deliberate ignorance must be corrected and change. We do not have to suffer the consequences of our deliberate blindness – we can change in every breath and take responsibility for what we have equally created here.

Children should play, should have fun, should learn how to co-exists with this world equal and one, they should enjoy themselves, they should explore themselves and yet – half of the children in this world can’t do any of it.

We must realize that we are one big family and as such, must take care for everyone equally. Children, Men, Women – no one need to be anyone’s slave because we are Equally Here as life.

The solution is simple and clear – to change this current system of enslavement to a system that support Life and thus, we propose the Equal Money System that gives each and every one a dignified life from birth till death.

Study what the Equal Money System and join us to establish a world that is best for all because if it’s best for all, it’s best for you. www.EqualMoney.org

Equity is the Power – by Bernard Poolman

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2011 – Social Justice Protest in Israel : 1+1=2

Social Justice Protest in Israel : 1+1=2

In the last 3 weeks, slowly but surely the Israeli crowds went out to the streets, camped out and are standing up for social Justice. It started with people opposing for the high housing costs and ended with groups from all sectors joining in and calling for access to food, education, health services, women’s rights and high cost in living.

From a certain perspective, there people are calling for Equal Money System though they still do not know that as the Equal Money System is not something they are aware of yet. They are basically calling for dignified life through stopping their race of their survival in the current money system.

The cool point with this protest is that people gathered together and say “Till here no further”. They realized that they are the key to change their way of life and if they won’t stand up, no one will do this for them. ‘

At the moment, there is no political solution as there is no political party with the agenda of Equal Life as what Desteni propose. It strengthens what Desteni is saying from day 1 – the change of this current system must be a political change worldwide.

From a certain perspective, the current protest in Israel represent what can be done when people are gathering together, what can be done through Democratic elections only if there is an Equal Life party in the political arena.

We, the Destonians are slowly preparing the way before us to access the politics as Equal Life Parties all around the world. We realized that the solution must be one that is best for all. We realized that we, the people, are the key to change this reality.

Obviously, the Israeli pretest won’t get the outcome of what they are calling for because the current system is not prepared yet for Equal Life for all. Though, if more people would understand what we at Desteni propose as the Equal Money System, people would see that this is the Only solution we were all waiting for.

It’s time to stop waiting and actually work towards changing the current money system to a system that supports all life. It’s time to realize we no longer need to survive as this earth provides everything we require for and much more than that.

It’s time to realize that we are literally the key. Join us at Desteni and assist with establishing a world that is best for all.

In the next 18 months, lots of books with regards the Equal Money System will be published- read, understand and Join the solution that is best for all. It must be best for you when it’s best for all.

Think about it.



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